About Us

During the late 1800's, Jake Schaefer, Sr. was recognized as the greatest billiards player in the world. He held titles in several varieties of billiards. While playing in an exhibition in Dodge City, Kansas, Schaefer was observed by Bat Masterson, the famous Dodge City Sheriff and friend of Wyatt Earp. Masterson, a billiards enthusiast, watched Schaefer in awe, proclaiming him a "Wizard" on the table.
The name "Wizard" has for centuries represented excellence and mastery of a chosen field of profession. We think Mr. Schaefer would be proud to have his nickname representing our 12,000 square feet of Billiards, Darts, Games, Satellite Sports Programming, and last but not least...our always fresh, homestyle food! In 1986, brothers Cooper and Willie Stewart had a dream to eventually own not the biggest or fanciest, but the best Sports Bar and Grille in the Southwest.
After opening eight locations throughout Texas, Wizards Sports Cafe in Richardson is the culmination of the best of each of those stores.
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